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Being Happy is a Personal Choice

Being Happy is a Personal Choice

…yet it is okay to ask/receive help along the way to get you going. Post competition transition was one of the hardest things mentally that I’ve ever had to face. You’re trying to get back on a plan. But it’s hard to stick to it with no date or event to look forward to anymore. At work is still the same junk food every day that you used to be able to say “I can’t I’m training for a competition…” Now you don’t have that holding you back. You have food cravings like no other. You just want to eat everything. And nothing is stopping you! Mmmm it’s all soooo good. For about 60 seconds. Then you feel terrible. Stomach is full. Body is bloated. And you mentally feel just…ugh. This was a vicious cycle that I experienced for 2 long weeks. I had a past nutritionist of mine personally reach out to me saying she wanted to help me. I am so grateful for this because since then I have felt soooo good!!

It’s been since Saturday (5/25/13). I’ve been on a reverse plan. I did not want to weigh myself any longer nor track my food. But reality of my situation an from coming off a brutal contest prep, I had to get back into the swing of things very slowly.

Some are probably wondering what a reverse plan is. You can research the depth but basically I had to start my carbs super low like they were competition prep and do the large amount of cardio I was doing. Each week maybe less depending on my body I will increase carbs by 10 and decrease cardio by 15 minutes. My goal is to hit about 230-250 g of carbs and to get my cardio down to 2 days a week steady state and incorporating HIIT 2-3 days a week. It will take time for my body to heal and get back to its set point. I predict probably around September I will hit these goals. If done right. I should not gain more than 1 lb each month.

So I am very grateful for the help that was provided to me. In 5 days I have list 6 lbs. not sure if its fat or water but I am happy with where I am. I’m mentally and physically stronger and I am happier!!!

Layne Nortons video on Metabolic Damage also helped put a lot into perspective of what my body is going through and wheat I need to do. He also made it very clear that no one can make the change but you!!


Finding balance again….

Finding balance again….

I want to be who I was before I decided to jump into competing. That was a girl who lost 30+ pounds. No trainer. No food scale. No meal plan. Just eating healthy food that I loved. And working out because I loved it even more!!! Because my body is in such a sensitive state it will be some weight gain. Possibly a lot. Hopefully not a ton. But I have to remember that my body will eventually adjust and go back to its happy place. The steps I will take to achieve this
1. Throwing out the scales!!! I will not weigh myself or my food. This was becoming an obsession. Which felt like it was leading to depression. No scales will define me.
2. No meal plan. No tracking calories. No macro counting. Another obsessive behavior that drove me crazy and made me upset with myself when I was not able to satisfy a craving. Or if I do satisfy my craving. Led to even further binging behavior cause its like screw it I messed up anyway. Eating without guilt. I will eat healthy balanced meals like I know I can but if I want fruit. I will eat the fruit. If I want cereal. I will eat it. If I want some chocolate. Better believe I will have some chocolate. It’s about balance!!!
So now my list only has 2 changes. Lol. But for me these 2 are huge!!! I refuse to let fitness take over my life in a negative way. I’m ready to lift heavy because I love it. Not because I have to! I am ready to go to lunch with a friend unplanned because I still have to live my life. This will be a new learning process for me. In the end…I’m just striving for happy. Healthy. And fit!!!


Progress after crazy diet!




I am so excited that I was able to accomplish this tough diet that I did for the last 6 weeks!! I had a meal plan created for me (contact her at My goal has Been to tighten my body up. Mostly in my stomach area.

My diet consisted pretty much of chicken tilapia salmon vegetables eggs oat bran and quinoa. Eating about 1800 calories each day. I am very excited with the progress.

Just wanted to share 🙂


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Whole 30 Food Ideas

I have seen lots of people wanting to take on the Whole 30 challenge and I think that is great!!! I wanted to share my food ideas to maybe help some that dont know where to begin or run out of ideas.

banana omelette with mixed vegetables topped with one egg


Paleo chili. Idea from @livinpaleo

Baked chicken. Marinated first in olive oil. Liquid aminos. Mustard. And various seasonings


Turkey burger salad. I have become obsessed with mustard on my salad

Tuna salad made with guacamole

Hawaiian chicken kabobs

My favorite whole 30 breakfast. Vegetables usually kale sweet potatoes mushrooms and onions and turkey sausage with eggs on top

Vegetable omelette with berries

A lamb burger. I picked up the patty from whole foods. They have so many meat choices that ate great with out all of the add ins most packaged meats tend to have. Used butter lettuce as the bum. Topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions.



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The Whole 30 challenge

New challenge starting tomorrow!!! July 24-August 23!! I’m so happy I already have so many people on board with me. As promised, here is my detailed blog post about the whole 30 program. You can also get your own info on the website

It’s a program created to change the way you think about food, emotional relationship, and out of control habits. It is meant to get your body composition back to normal including but not limited to, improved health, better sleep patterns, less/no bloating, and even weight loss.

So the do’s and the dont’s of the program.
Eliminate: any and all; sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes (including corn, peas, chick peas, lentils, and peanuts or peanut butter). No alcohol in any form. No white potatoes.
Do have real food! Meat, seafood, eggs, lots of vegetables, a bit of fruit, and plenty of good fat from oil, nuts, and seeds.

Other rules are no stepping on the scale or taking measurements during the program!!

Here are some helpful links to get you going!
the whole 30 program
shopping guide
meal planning

I hope it helps! Contact me on your progress and tag me in your IG photos!!


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4 week progress

It’s been about 4 weeks since I started eating clean. It’s NOT easy at all!
Eating clean is eating almost no processed food! Eating mostly produce and fresh food.
It was so many temptation moments it was crazy! Pizza, cake, cookies, etc. but I stayed focus!
I also stepped up my cardio this past month.
New goals for June:
1. Continue with healthy eating
2. Pay attention to food with too much sugar such as yogurt and find different alternatives
3. Shop at local farmers markets for fresh vegetables and fruit
4. Continue to Try new clean recipes
5. Cardio cardio cardio!

I am excited to see what I look like July 1!



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Personal Challenge

I am challenging myself to clean eating!!!! I have started today and so far it’s going well. Only got through half of one day…lol. But I already have overcome 2 temptations. One is fresh baked cookies. Absolute weakness. And 2 the jar of candy that is kept at work. So I made my meal plan for the week and grocery shopping is done. let’s see how this first week goes. But I would like to make it to the end of may! Go meeeee!!!!


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No pain no gain

Gotta work through the pain! Never give up.


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Make him weak for you ;-)

Thought this was funny


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Personal Trainer?

Yea maybe not but my friends and family treat me as such and it’s so fun. By the end of it they hate me. Lol. I worked out with my friend Ashley today in town from Pittsburgh. She snapped a photo of me working out. That was pretty cool considering I have no action shots of me exercising. And you can see the shadow of my quads. Lol. So I had a really good time challenging my friend to things she thought she wouldn’t do again and helping her on her way to reaching her goals. Many have told me I should personal train….I dunno. Still thinking!!!


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