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Working out and my favorite exercises!

Finding balance again….

Finding balance again….

I want to be who I was before I decided to jump into competing. That was a girl who lost 30+ pounds. No trainer. No food scale. No meal plan. Just eating healthy food that I loved. And working out because I loved it even more!!! Because my body is in such a sensitive state it will be some weight gain. Possibly a lot. Hopefully not a ton. But I have to remember that my body will eventually adjust and go back to its happy place. The steps I will take to achieve this
1. Throwing out the scales!!! I will not weigh myself or my food. This was becoming an obsession. Which felt like it was leading to depression. No scales will define me.
2. No meal plan. No tracking calories. No macro counting. Another obsessive behavior that drove me crazy and made me upset with myself when I was not able to satisfy a craving. Or if I do satisfy my craving. Led to even further binging behavior cause its like screw it I messed up anyway. Eating without guilt. I will eat healthy balanced meals like I know I can but if I want fruit. I will eat the fruit. If I want cereal. I will eat it. If I want some chocolate. Better believe I will have some chocolate. It’s about balance!!!
So now my list only has 2 changes. Lol. But for me these 2 are huge!!! I refuse to let fitness take over my life in a negative way. I’m ready to lift heavy because I love it. Not because I have to! I am ready to go to lunch with a friend unplanned because I still have to live my life. This will be a new learning process for me. In the end…I’m just striving for happy. Healthy. And fit!!!


The Transition Period….1 week post competition

The Transition Period….1 week post competition

During contest prep I was hearing so much about post competition rebound. I was determined to not let that be me. I had a plan set up for my self, I had done so much research, and I would even look at previous competitiors and just say, that will NOT be me. 1 week post competition and it is a HUGE mind game. So much harder when it is actually you dealing with the issue yourself! You are faced with the same temptations from food that you were before. Except the difference this time you have no reason to say no because your competition is over!

Coming off of competition prep is to me way harder than being on prep. Only because everything is structured and laid out where as post competition it’s like you are free. You can’t go back to eating the amount of food you were before competing because the bodies metabolism will not be able to handle it. But at the same time your body still feels hungry as your steady on this reverse diet. It then leads to binging which sucks even more.

I set up a reverse plan that I have been working on but not 100% following. I still feel bloated and almost wondering how much of this is fat that I have put on. I refuse to get on the scale to make myself even more upset

What’s weird…at the same time I feel so much better. My energy is back up. I am not on a “I have to go to the gym” schedule. I am able to focus on other things. My body is becoming more regulated overall. So then it becomes a battle between being happy and just healthy with some extra weight on or remembering how miserable being at 11% BF or at least how miserable it was getting there. My ultimate goal right now is to find balance between being happy and healthy yet being happy with my figure. Not losing control and obsessing over food and to eventually not have to track calories and macros. But I know it has to be taken a step at a time because my metabolism is nothing what it used to be.

If you are considering competing keep all of this in mind and have a plan post competition as it will be a tough transition. 95% of competitors I’m sure deal with it. I’ve noticed some deal with it by prepping for another competition only to have the same mental struggle after the next. I’m looking for a long lasting solution. Because of this I doubt I will compete again unless I know I am stronger mentally. My body is normal again. And the prep is not miserable while eating enough calories to keep me breathing. (Refer to my previous blog post concerning how my prep was)


Progress after crazy diet!




I am so excited that I was able to accomplish this tough diet that I did for the last 6 weeks!! I had a meal plan created for me (contact her at My goal has Been to tighten my body up. Mostly in my stomach area.

My diet consisted pretty much of chicken tilapia salmon vegetables eggs oat bran and quinoa. Eating about 1800 calories each day. I am very excited with the progress.

Just wanted to share 🙂


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Whole 30 recap



I finished the whole 30 challenge and I couldnt be happier!

For one, I saw the challenge, and knew it would be tough but had no idea how tough it truly was. I was challenge physically AND mentally. Mostly mental. There were good and bad to this challenge. But way more good than bad!

I’ll start with the bad so that I can end on a good note. What was bad about the challenge was the way that I felt to start! I had to remember that my body was going through a detox phase from the bad food that I was eating before starting the challenge, but I seriously felt sick! Almost like I wanted to throw up! I thought for sure I would just quit. Give up. Just say forget it.

The good that I have taken from this challenge is first, I feel great! My body got a chance to reset and have only food in its most natural state. So I no longer had problems with digestion and bloating. Another thing, I was physically seeing myself getting leaner! even others noticed that my body had made changes in such a short time! Lastly, I was challenged mentally! I didn’t realize how often I snacked between meals until now! It’s crazy, those excess calories can add up! The fact that peanut butter was out for whole 30 and that was my biggest weakness, that helped me to control my snacking big time! Since on whole 30 only 3 meals was allowed with a pre and post workout meal, I realized that when I was eating 6 meals a day, my meal portions were too big! another place where calories add up. I am very happy that I did not lose my energy, I still worked out just as hard as I would have before whole 30 and never felt like I wanted to pass out. I am sure that the fat helped replace the energy i was used to getting from complex carbs.

What I am taking away from Whole 30

  1. Smaller meal portions eating every 2-3 hours
  2. Incorporating more vegetables and fruit in places of some complex carbs
  3. The benefit of good fat!
  4. No longer addicted to peanut butter
  5. Don’t have to add stevia or any other sweetener to most things
  6. Will never count calories, measure my food, or weight myself again. How I look is way more important. I weighed myself after the challenge and lost 1 pound. I wanted to kick the scale but then I saw the progress I made in my picture and realized the scale is evil!

I am so happy that I completed the challenge and did not give up. I am so very happy with the support that I had from my friends, family, and my social network family! I hope that I did encourage you and can encourage you to take on this challenge. You too, will learn something about yourself. Want to learn more about whole 30, check my previous post or go to


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The Whole 30 challenge

New challenge starting tomorrow!!! July 24-August 23!! I’m so happy I already have so many people on board with me. As promised, here is my detailed blog post about the whole 30 program. You can also get your own info on the website

It’s a program created to change the way you think about food, emotional relationship, and out of control habits. It is meant to get your body composition back to normal including but not limited to, improved health, better sleep patterns, less/no bloating, and even weight loss.

So the do’s and the dont’s of the program.
Eliminate: any and all; sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes (including corn, peas, chick peas, lentils, and peanuts or peanut butter). No alcohol in any form. No white potatoes.
Do have real food! Meat, seafood, eggs, lots of vegetables, a bit of fruit, and plenty of good fat from oil, nuts, and seeds.

Other rules are no stepping on the scale or taking measurements during the program!!

Here are some helpful links to get you going!
the whole 30 program
shopping guide
meal planning

I hope it helps! Contact me on your progress and tag me in your IG photos!!


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Body Fat %

So after this long journey of weight loss I have never taken my body fat percentage. But I was very curious to know where I stand. I was thinking I was in the mid 20s.


Using the caliper: Using a caliper. (females) take the supra iliac measurement by pinching your skin and pulling it out a bit. Clamp with the caliper until the arrows line up. Do the same for the front of the thigh and the tricep, or back of arm. Do that twice. If the numbers are far off, do it a third time and average the two closest numbers. Add the 3 measurements then use the chart to find your body fat percentage. On the vertical axis is where you find the total of all three measurements, then go to your age group and there’s your body far percentage. It’s the same procedure for guys except measure the chest, abdomen, and thigh.


It was pretty exciting to see that I’m at 18% and fall in the athlete range. It almost makes sense though since my weight seems so heavy for what I actually look like.


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1000 Rep Workout

The idea of this home workout is to do each of the 5 exercises until failure. Repeating the cycle until you reach 1000 reps! Try some of your own exercises. This is a great workout for at home with almost no equipment necessary!







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Cheat Meals

Many people ask me do I cheat on my diet. Absolutely! Just because I have made this lifestyle change to clean eating does not mean I still do not have cravings for the things I used to eat on a regular. It’s all about moderation though. I have had cheat meals about 2 times a month. Another question I get is don’t you feel guilty?? Heck no!! Cheat meals are not meant for you to feel guilty. It’s meant to be enjoyed. It keeps one sane. There are rules to cheating though. The rules I live by:
1. It’s only a cheat meal not a Cheat day. Eating anything you want and as much as you want an entire day is enough to kill the work you did all week.
2. Still have the cheat in moderation. I got Ice cream last week and as much as I wanted to get a second serving of it I didn’t! That’s crazy. I have to keep my mind on track and going crazy like that would only throw me off.



My couple of cheats I enjoyed very much since clean eating!

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4 week progress

It’s been about 4 weeks since I started eating clean. It’s NOT easy at all!
Eating clean is eating almost no processed food! Eating mostly produce and fresh food.
It was so many temptation moments it was crazy! Pizza, cake, cookies, etc. but I stayed focus!
I also stepped up my cardio this past month.
New goals for June:
1. Continue with healthy eating
2. Pay attention to food with too much sugar such as yogurt and find different alternatives
3. Shop at local farmers markets for fresh vegetables and fruit
4. Continue to Try new clean recipes
5. Cardio cardio cardio!

I am excited to see what I look like July 1!



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Treadmill Challenge

Here is a 40 minute treadmill workout that I did as part of my cardio day. This would be great for beginners to intermediate level exercisers.


Here’s a sample of the first 16 minutes. You increase the incline by 1% every 2 minutes until you reach 9.0 then begin to decrease at the 20 minute mark. This should be done at a speed of 3.4-3.8. Depending on how you feel. Don’t be afraid to push yourself. HERE’S THE CHALLENGE: DO NOT HOLD ON! You must push through with the glutes and legs and use your arms to get through the higher inclines. You can do it!


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