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What I have to say about women working out and their hair…


Here’s how I feel about women and their hair when it comes to working out…

Figure it out.

Period. There’s no reason why you are not being healthy because you do not want to mess up your hair. There are many things you can do. As you can see, my styles change often and usually includes me wearing my hair natural, having a sew in or wearing the Senegalese twists. I can sweat in all of these styles without a problem.

Ladies! Figure out what works for you!!! You can still look cute and be in shape. Make it happen ladies!!!

For natural hair, it can be rough at first but once you figure it out its great!! There are many great hair products out there. I use Shea moisturizer products that are found at target. I condition my hair most days and would twist it at night while its still wet. When I wake up it has a nice curl pattern where I can throw it in a big pony like in the last picture or wear with a head band or whatever I may be feeling that day!

For my sew ins I spend a lot of money of good quality hair because I want it to last as well as look cute!! It’s extremely convenient!

No more excuses! Get your hair in a style you can keep up and sweat in and get to work!


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Cheat Meals

Many people ask me do I cheat on my diet. Absolutely! Just because I have made this lifestyle change to clean eating does not mean I still do not have cravings for the things I used to eat on a regular. It’s all about moderation though. I have had cheat meals about 2 times a month. Another question I get is don’t you feel guilty?? Heck no!! Cheat meals are not meant for you to feel guilty. It’s meant to be enjoyed. It keeps one sane. There are rules to cheating though. The rules I live by:
1. It’s only a cheat meal not a Cheat day. Eating anything you want and as much as you want an entire day is enough to kill the work you did all week.
2. Still have the cheat in moderation. I got Ice cream last week and as much as I wanted to get a second serving of it I didn’t! That’s crazy. I have to keep my mind on track and going crazy like that would only throw me off.



My couple of cheats I enjoyed very much since clean eating!

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FAS Tip #5

Always eat your green veggies!!! So many health benefits! Plus. You can eat 2 cups for like 20 calories. So fill your plate up with green veggies and get full for less


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FAS Tip #4

Portion control! Very important when it comes your diet. Must take in less and burn more calories to lose weight. My tricks to controlling my portion? 1. Eating dinner on a small plate. To me this makes me feel as if I have a full plate but it’s less food. 2. Wait about 20 minutes before deciding I want seconds. It takes a while for my body to catch up sometimes and realize I’m no longer hungry. 3. Drink a lot of water before during and after a meal. Helps my belly get full and in turn I’m satisfied


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FAS Tip #3

Going to be out the house for a while? Plan ahead! I’m packing a half sandwich, raw almonds, dates and my bottle of water to keep me going for a few hours. Pick a few of your favorite HEALTHY snacks and go on with your day the right way!


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FAS Tip #2

STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALE! Do not obsess with weighing your self daily. Our weight fluctuates very often. Set a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly date to weigh yourself. If you don’t want to get discouraged and frustrated, trust me on this!

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FAS Tip #1

When eating out at restaurants ask for all dressings and sauces on the side. You will use less when dipping your salad or other food versus pouring it on. Therefore saving calories!

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Eat More, Weigh Less

Do you really have to eat more to lose weight? Yes! Starving yourself is not the answer. Learn About it here. eat more