Being Happy is a Personal Choice

30 May
Being Happy is a Personal Choice

…yet it is okay to ask/receive help along the way to get you going. Post competition transition was one of the hardest things mentally that I’ve ever had to face. You’re trying to get back on a plan. But it’s hard to stick to it with no date or event to look forward to anymore. At work is still the same junk food every day that you used to be able to say “I can’t I’m training for a competition…” Now you don’t have that holding you back. You have food cravings like no other. You just want to eat everything. And nothing is stopping you! Mmmm it’s all soooo good. For about 60 seconds. Then you feel terrible. Stomach is full. Body is bloated. And you mentally feel just…ugh. This was a vicious cycle that I experienced for 2 long weeks. I had a past nutritionist of mine personally reach out to me saying she wanted to help me. I am so grateful for this because since then I have felt soooo good!!

It’s been since Saturday (5/25/13). I’ve been on a reverse plan. I did not want to weigh myself any longer nor track my food. But reality of my situation an from coming off a brutal contest prep, I had to get back into the swing of things very slowly.

Some are probably wondering what a reverse plan is. You can research the depth but basically I had to start my carbs super low like they were competition prep and do the large amount of cardio I was doing. Each week maybe less depending on my body I will increase carbs by 10 and decrease cardio by 15 minutes. My goal is to hit about 230-250 g of carbs and to get my cardio down to 2 days a week steady state and incorporating HIIT 2-3 days a week. It will take time for my body to heal and get back to its set point. I predict probably around September I will hit these goals. If done right. I should not gain more than 1 lb each month.

So I am very grateful for the help that was provided to me. In 5 days I have list 6 lbs. not sure if its fat or water but I am happy with where I am. I’m mentally and physically stronger and I am happier!!!

Layne Nortons video on Metabolic Damage also helped put a lot into perspective of what my body is going through and wheat I need to do. He also made it very clear that no one can make the change but you!!


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