The Transition Period….1 week post competition

21 May
The Transition Period….1 week post competition

During contest prep I was hearing so much about post competition rebound. I was determined to not let that be me. I had a plan set up for my self, I had done so much research, and I would even look at previous competitiors and just say, that will NOT be me. 1 week post competition and it is a HUGE mind game. So much harder when it is actually you dealing with the issue yourself! You are faced with the same temptations from food that you were before. Except the difference this time you have no reason to say no because your competition is over!

Coming off of competition prep is to me way harder than being on prep. Only because everything is structured and laid out where as post competition it’s like you are free. You can’t go back to eating the amount of food you were before competing because the bodies metabolism will not be able to handle it. But at the same time your body still feels hungry as your steady on this reverse diet. It then leads to binging which sucks even more.

I set up a reverse plan that I have been working on but not 100% following. I still feel bloated and almost wondering how much of this is fat that I have put on. I refuse to get on the scale to make myself even more upset

What’s weird…at the same time I feel so much better. My energy is back up. I am not on a “I have to go to the gym” schedule. I am able to focus on other things. My body is becoming more regulated overall. So then it becomes a battle between being happy and just healthy with some extra weight on or remembering how miserable being at 11% BF or at least how miserable it was getting there. My ultimate goal right now is to find balance between being happy and healthy yet being happy with my figure. Not losing control and obsessing over food and to eventually not have to track calories and macros. But I know it has to be taken a step at a time because my metabolism is nothing what it used to be.

If you are considering competing keep all of this in mind and have a plan post competition as it will be a tough transition. 95% of competitors I’m sure deal with it. I’ve noticed some deal with it by prepping for another competition only to have the same mental struggle after the next. I’m looking for a long lasting solution. Because of this I doubt I will compete again unless I know I am stronger mentally. My body is normal again. And the prep is not miserable while eating enough calories to keep me breathing. (Refer to my previous blog post concerning how my prep was)


3 responses to “The Transition Period….1 week post competition

  1. Marisela

    May 21, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    Hey Felicia, I follow you on Ig and you have been a HUGE inspiration to me, because of you I also decided to compete. I’m currently 20 weeks out, i started prepping (getting on a die plan) about 8 weeks ago & yeah..lets just say being on a diet sucks. I kinda feel like i started prep too soon bc as of right now I already feel burnt out. I do have cheat meals (even though they haven’t been allowed) and there are moments (like today) where I think “I can just have a bit of that” which yes, turns into waaay more than I shouldve eaten. I received a meal plan from mshell fitness and even though she outlines my macros i still feel like it might be low. I’m doing double cardio a day (one in the morning and another after lifting in the evening) and as far as lifting I’m just doing workouts that I know on my own and things that i have learned from other ppl (some trainers) at the gym. idk, I guess I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for me. I get my meal plan updated every 3-4 weeks from Michelle, I lift on my own with my own workouts, I plan on getting a posing coach. (or at least I’ve been given a contact number of someone and hoping they help me) but i don’t feel like I’m doing this right and I defiantly don’t want to come off of prep and gain the twenty pounds that i’ve lost and be back at square one. Would you recommend finding a trainer? or do you just have any general advice or suggestions for me at this point?

    Thank and I really appreciate you sharing your journey through this prep.

    • fitandsexy

      May 21, 2013 at 5:18 pm

      Hey there. I have 2 answers for that. It’s great that you have a trainer like mshell who is updating your meal plan regularly. You will continue to have results. That true and honest part of me says you’re doing too much too soon. 20 weeks away and already doing double cardio. Is way too much. It will only increase from there. Also 20 weeks away you should not be feeling tired. These feelings are all things I felt and experienced which led to a complete binge the night and day after the show. If I had to do it again the way I did I never would nor would I encourage anyone else to struggle through prep as I did. You have to make a decision and decide if its worth 20 more weeks.

  2. Marisela

    May 30, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you, Felicia. I’m glad you responded. I think you are right about the cardio and the overall prep. I used to enjoy working out and going to the gym and I was already beginning to feel like it was a drag. I took a week off and just stayed away from the gym or at least tried, i did go a couple of times but with nothing planned, just to workout and have fun. & even though Michelle gives me the cardio 2x a day, I think I will reduce it to once a day (5x a week) for the time being and increase once i get closer to competition. I plan on continuing the nutrition part but also still allowing myself a treat meal here and there (clean meals) up until 12 weeks. I’ve been reading your blog and have some of the same fears you had going into prep. I know I want to do this because I’m not one to quit anything that i’ve started but I def don’t want to kill myself in the process obsessing about my body, food and working out, i want to enjoy it as much as I can. Thanks for the motivation, advice and just for being honest with everything that is involved with competing.


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