6 Days out-Competition Prep Updates

05 May

I am so happy that i have made it to my final week of contest prep. It has been quite the roller coaster through this prep and there were many times where I felt like giving up! In fact, I did at some points. I didnt want to finish. But it is not in me to not complete something I have started. I have had to make some tough decisions and make some huge changes during my prep. The first big one was finishing prep without a trainer, and second was changing to a completely different diet plan.

I started prep in January, which was 18 weeks out from show day. I was given a plan by my trainer and I followed it. First 4 weeks I was consistently losing 2 lbs per week. Which was great! After that, I hit a plateau for about a month. Nothing was happening. I was put on a carb cycle for about 2 weeks of no carbs for 4 days and carb load for 2 days. It worked the first week and failed the second week. After that, week after week, I would step on the scale and every so often would drop a pound here and there. Through all this my cardio increased from 40 minutes every day to 90 minutes everyday.

I knew something was wrong when I did not feel like myself. I had zero energy, my attitude sucked and all I wanted to do was sleep. I walked around looking like a zombie. Even others made comments of how I just didnt look good. So I decided to plug the macros and calories of my diet (yea I didnt even know what I was taking in for 14 weeks). 1100 calories, 40g carbs, 14g fat and 200g protein. No wonder I felt like crap. There was one cheat day allowed from my trainer that was about 3 weeks in. I had one other cheat that I talked about in my previous blog post and another cheat when I figured all of this out. My body was starving and not wanting to let go of fat. I was doing huge damage to my body! I watched Layne Nortons (freaking genius) video on metabolic damage and learned more of what the heck was happening to me. If you do not know about metabolic damage or plan to prepare for a competition PLEASE watch the video.

At 4 weeks out I had to make a decisions. My trainer and i did discuss previously changing my diet at 4 weeks out. But I didnt know if she was going to go forth and do it so I contacted a local guy myself. He made a plan for me and I began to notice results and changes like crazy. One, fat began dropping off my body again, and even better, my attitude was better and my energy increased so much! I could actually get through an entire 12 hr shift without wanting to fall over, and I was lifting more in my workouts!

Around a little over 2 weeks out, I was working with my trainer. Every single time I meet with her first thing she does is weigh me. The past 2 times she didnt so I was curious and asked. She was upset that i changed my diet and wanted me to go back to what I was originally doing. I said no way, not happening. After she told me she would not weigh me, i decided I had to finish the final weeks without a trainer. I wanted to do it sooner but this was the final straw. It just wasnt fair that this was happening at 2 weeks out. So now i have been using my scale at home to track my progress and not sure where my bodyfat is anymore.


So anyway, here I am now, 6 days out and 3 weeks after the change of my diet. I have lost 8 lbs. Decreased my cardio and increased my calories.

I have no idea what lies for me as far as future competitions. I would like to complete this one to the end and definitely take a break. Mostly because being on a diet sucks. Just good ol healthy and clean eating is way better. I miss cooking and baking and creating new recipes too. But this experience has been a not so good one for me so I dont think I ever want to do it. But I would want to do it again only because I know it can be done differently.



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One response to “6 Days out-Competition Prep Updates

  1. fitfoodiele

    May 7, 2013 at 10:51 am

    there you are! thank for the update, Fe! plans change and things happen… but you have stuck to your guns and remained consistent with your training through it ALL. i am super duper proud of you and i will be screaming my face off from Texas for your competition!!! rock that stage like i know you will, Fe!


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