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Either do it right or just stop now…

So today was kind of a big wake up call for me. Let me back track to the past month first. So in the past month my body has slowly gone into a plateau phase. So 2 weeks ago my trainer Sharon decided that it was time to do something drastic to restart my metabolism. She decided no carbs 4 days then 2 days with carbs. The first week it worked great. I lost 2 pounds. So she decided go another round of the same which was all last week. I did 4 days no carbs then when it came time for my carbs my mind went a bit crazy. I was doing good until I got home and was like hummm maybe I can have just a little bit of cereal. Well that little turned to a lot and I felt awful! I was IMMEDIATELY bloated. That carried into the next day. It set me back physically and mentally. I called my posing coach Katherine and she gave me some tips on how to avoid this from happening again. She really is a life saver when it comes to all my mental wtf moments. So Monday (today) I had to weigh in. I just knew I wasn’t going to have results. What do you know. Up 2lbs!!! So pissed at myself. I let myself down. And even worse all the people that are working with me to get me to the stage I let them down and feel like I wasted their time. Sharon brought me to John (competitive bodybuilder from the gym) who’s also been helping me and he basically said you gotta make a decision. Either you are going todo it and be all in and do it right or you are gonna just stop right now. Can I just say real tears in the gym today. After that talk, my trainer began our session. I’m still crying like a baby but what clicked was I really do what this! I owed that workout to myself. To give it everything!! And I did. It was a freak in hard workout. Shoulder press superset ending with 35lb dumbells. Holy crap that was hard. But I left there feeling better and refocused. I must keep pushing. No one said it would be easy!! No matter what, as long as I put in 100% on show day, I will look and be amazing!! It’s only my first show and it’s a learning process!! Using these pics to remember how far I have come! Trying to remain positive!! Today I’m 8 weeks and 5 days out!!! No time to waste!







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