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Am I crazy?

I’ve decided to enter into the world of figure competing. I am so excited about this new challenge but has shown after just a is not easy!

I get many questions about competing, what it’s about and why I’m doing it.
1. What is a figure competition? I try to find the most basic way to explain it and what I’ve come up with: like a beauty pageant for the best body. While true it sounds terrible and the meaning is way deeper than that. It’s a sport just like any other. You prep for 12+ weeks by changing your diet and working out in the gym most times twice a day. You bust your butt all this time and get on stage presenting all the hard work you have done.

2. Why am I doing it? Personal satisfaction. I love challenging myself. There is nothing more rewarding than doing something that most people are not able to do and kicking that challenge in the butt! Starting my weight loss journey there were many times that I wanted to give up. But once I hit my goal I felt on top of the world. I’m looking for that same satisfaction as well as challenging myself physically and mentally. Pushing myself beyond limits I ever even knew existed.

After 1 week…
I find that it is more of a challenge than I expected. I have been hungry, sore, tired, agitated, and more. But at the sane time I am feeling satisfaction from seeing results after one week! I had a break down after about 5 days. But I’m a big girl. Pulled myself together and kept pushing.

My diet right now is very low in carbs. And my body is reacting nicely. But I’m hungry. All the time. Like I can’t wait for the next eat..and be hungry still. Lol. Okay I’ll say and be a little less hungry.

The show I am doing is may 11. 17.5 weeks from today. Holy moly. Sounds far but so much will and needs to happen in 17 weeks!!!

I must continue to blog as this was quite stress relieving. Until next time. 🙂




This is what I’m starting with. Lets see what happens in the next couple weeks!!


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