Cheat Meals

13 Jun

Many people ask me do I cheat on my diet. Absolutely! Just because I have made this lifestyle change to clean eating does not mean I still do not have cravings for the things I used to eat on a regular. It’s all about moderation though. I have had cheat meals about 2 times a month. Another question I get is don’t you feel guilty?? Heck no!! Cheat meals are not meant for you to feel guilty. It’s meant to be enjoyed. It keeps one sane. There are rules to cheating though. The rules I live by:
1. It’s only a cheat meal not a Cheat day. Eating anything you want and as much as you want an entire day is enough to kill the work you did all week.
2. Still have the cheat in moderation. I got Ice cream last week and as much as I wanted to get a second serving of it I didn’t! That’s crazy. I have to keep my mind on track and going crazy like that would only throw me off.



My couple of cheats I enjoyed very much since clean eating!

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Posted by on June 13, 2012 in Fit and Sexy Tips, Fitness


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