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Personal Trainer?

Yea maybe not but my friends and family treat me as such and it’s so fun. By the end of it they hate me. Lol. I worked out with my friend Ashley today in town from Pittsburgh. She snapped a photo of me working out. That was pretty cool considering I have no action shots of me exercising. And you can see the shadow of my quads. Lol. So I had a really good time challenging my friend to things she thought she wouldn’t do again and helping her on her way to reaching her goals. Many have told me I should personal train….I dunno. Still thinking!!!


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FAS Tip #4

Portion control! Very important when it comes your diet. Must take in less and burn more calories to lose weight. My tricks to controlling my portion? 1. Eating dinner on a small plate. To me this makes me feel as if I have a full plate but it’s less food. 2. Wait about 20 minutes before deciding I want seconds. It takes a while for my body to catch up sometimes and realize I’m no longer hungry. 3. Drink a lot of water before during and after a meal. Helps my belly get full and in turn I’m satisfied


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Gotta reward yourself every once in a while

I love my new gift to myself! I’m so excited for my heart rate monitor. I’m sure no one finds it as exciting as I do. But I noticed a difference today with trying to stay in my fat burning zone. I think it made my workout a lil more intense. Anyway..I been having my eye on one for a few months now and I finally got myself one! 😀 I’m
Also happy to know I am still getting a pretty good calorie burn even with most of the workout today being weight lifting. Oh one more thing! The elliptical heart rate reader thing picked up my heart rate. So I saw my actual heart rate right on the cardio machine without putting my hands on the annoying metal bars that aren’t always right anyway.


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FAS Tip #3

Going to be out the house for a while? Plan ahead! I’m packing a half sandwich, raw almonds, dates and my bottle of water to keep me going for a few hours. Pick a few of your favorite HEALTHY snacks and go on with your day the right way!


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Healthy snack


One of my favorite sweet snacks to have. PB on a banana! Yummm. With the banana you are getting a great source of fiber and potassium and the PB gives you protein and the good healthy fat. Healthy and tasty. Can’t beat it.

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FAS Tip #2

STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALE! Do not obsess with weighing your self daily. Our weight fluctuates very often. Set a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly date to weigh yourself. If you don’t want to get discouraged and frustrated, trust me on this!

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20 minute Home equipment necessary

Here’s a quick workout I made up for at home. You do not need equipment but for some exercises you can add weight for a challenge. Do each move for 1 minute.

Jumping jacks
Tricep dips (on a chair or coffee table)
Leg lifts
Repeat once. Twice if you have a ton of energy! Each round should take 10 minutes


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