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New Ink w/pics

So I got a new tattoo on Sunday!


Some said you must be feeling yourself to get a tattoo like that! Lol. It’s funny but true. I used to want a side tattoo long ago but didn’t have the body for it.

So here I am, feeling fit and sexy, and getting a tattoo I thought I would never get.

The only bad thing the artist said I can’t workout for a week. It’s killing me and I’m feeling so chunky. But I’ll be back in just a couple days

My friend also took some really funny pics while I was being tortured for 2 hours







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I thought this was funny

I thought this was really funny. Sometimes you just gotta say no to the bad stuff to reach your goals! You can do it!



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I Conquered The Stairs

Yup I climbed 82 floors on the stair master today. Talk about a butt and thigh burner!! Can’t forget to mention, great cardio too! Whew!




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I’m A Thief

So I’m in the gym today and I just glance over and see this girl doing this ab exercise. It looked pretty intense so I stole it! I do it all the time! It’s okay right? I just make sure they aren’t watching so they don’t know I stole their workout. lol. So I finished Working out my arms before I moved on to abs. I went to do it and loved it! Great burn on the lower abdominals. I’m not sure what it’s called but my arms were stable the whole time and I just used my legs to pull myself up keeping the ball between my knees and ankles as I did the movement. 3 sets of 20! This is now added to my list of favorite ab exercises.



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MmMmM Spinach!


For lunch today I made myself a spinach salad. I love spinach and it has so many health benefits! Good source of vitamins and fiber. Also, you can eat so much for so few calories and be satisfied. can’t get much better than that!

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30 pounds down

It feels most appropriate to open up with pictures of my progress. Where I started back in april 2011 to where I am today.


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Hello World

I am pretty excited about starting my first blog! Especially talking about something that I really love, health and fitness! Go to the about link to learn more about what my blog is about. thanks for stopping by!


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