Protein mug cake

My beautiful mug cake. 1tbs of coconut flour. 1tbs PB2. 1tbs whey protein. Pinch of baking powder. Like 1/2tbs cocoa powder. 3tbs or 1 egg white. 2-3 tbs almond milk. Microwave for 1:30. Mix up pb2 and a tbs of almond butter with almond milk and add to the top. Having arctic zero strawberry ice cream on the side.



Being Happy is a Personal Choice

Being Happy is a Personal Choice

…yet it is okay to ask/receive help along the way to get you going. Post competition transition was one of the hardest things mentally that I’ve ever had to face. You’re trying to get back on a plan. But it’s hard to stick to it with no date or event to look forward to anymore. At work is still the same junk food every day that you used to be able to say “I can’t I’m training for a competition…” Now you don’t have that holding you back. You have food cravings like no other. You just want to eat everything. And nothing is stopping you! Mmmm it’s all soooo good. For about 60 seconds. Then you feel terrible. Stomach is full. Body is bloated. And you mentally feel just…ugh. This was a vicious cycle that I experienced for 2 long weeks. I had a past nutritionist of mine personally reach out to me saying she wanted to help me. I am so grateful for this because since then I have felt soooo good!!

It’s been since Saturday (5/25/13). I’ve been on a reverse plan. I did not want to weigh myself any longer nor track my food. But reality of my situation an from coming off a brutal contest prep, I had to get back into the swing of things very slowly.

Some are probably wondering what a reverse plan is. You can research the depth but basically I had to start my carbs super low like they were competition prep and do the large amount of cardio I was doing. Each week maybe less depending on my body I will increase carbs by 10 and decrease cardio by 15 minutes. My goal is to hit about 230-250 g of carbs and to get my cardio down to 2 days a week steady state and incorporating HIIT 2-3 days a week. It will take time for my body to heal and get back to its set point. I predict probably around September I will hit these goals. If done right. I should not gain more than 1 lb each month.

So I am very grateful for the help that was provided to me. In 5 days I have list 6 lbs. not sure if its fat or water but I am happy with where I am. I’m mentally and physically stronger and I am happier!!!

Layne Nortons video on Metabolic Damage also helped put a lot into perspective of what my body is going through and wheat I need to do. He also made it very clear that no one can make the change but you!!


Finding balance again….

Finding balance again….

I want to be who I was before I decided to jump into competing. That was a girl who lost 30+ pounds. No trainer. No food scale. No meal plan. Just eating healthy food that I loved. And working out because I loved it even more!!! Because my body is in such a sensitive state it will be some weight gain. Possibly a lot. Hopefully not a ton. But I have to remember that my body will eventually adjust and go back to its happy place. The steps I will take to achieve this
1. Throwing out the scales!!! I will not weigh myself or my food. This was becoming an obsession. Which felt like it was leading to depression. No scales will define me.
2. No meal plan. No tracking calories. No macro counting. Another obsessive behavior that drove me crazy and made me upset with myself when I was not able to satisfy a craving. Or if I do satisfy my craving. Led to even further binging behavior cause its like screw it I messed up anyway. Eating without guilt. I will eat healthy balanced meals like I know I can but if I want fruit. I will eat the fruit. If I want cereal. I will eat it. If I want some chocolate. Better believe I will have some chocolate. It’s about balance!!!
So now my list only has 2 changes. Lol. But for me these 2 are huge!!! I refuse to let fitness take over my life in a negative way. I’m ready to lift heavy because I love it. Not because I have to! I am ready to go to lunch with a friend unplanned because I still have to live my life. This will be a new learning process for me. In the end…I’m just striving for happy. Healthy. And fit!!!


So called Coaches

So called Coaches

So you want to compete right??? First thing is first. Who the heck will I choose a a coach??? Most do not realize the necessary consideration you should take when looking for a coach. I’m going more toward the topic of bad coaches that mislead their clients, put their bodies and lives in jeopardy just to reach a goal in such a short time.
1. Does your coach have certifications or degrees to be in this position??? Don’t be afraid to ask! “Hey, what certifications do you have?” “Where did you get you degree in nutrition?” Anyone can say that they are a coach and can get you to the competition stage body you desire. But do they truly know what they are doing??
2. Okay so you found a coach. Awesome. If you are 12+ weeks out from a show and they are starting you on 2 a day cardio sessions and 1200 calories. RUN. And I mean fast. You will be miserable. Tired. Hungry…the list goes on and on. All for 5 minutes on the stage and a body that you won’t be able to maintain because your metabolism is screwed.

I have touched briefly on my experience in competition prep but just these 2 things alone would have saved me from what I am dealing with now. My body is completely out of whack. No matter what I eat I am completely bloated. I have been bloated for now 12 days and I’m worried the water weight is starting to turn to fat cells. Which I can’t doubt will happen since I was eating under 1200 calories and doing cardio 2 times a day and did prep for 18 weeks.

I was blown away reading an article on an experiment called the Minnesota starvation experiment. The project was done in 1944 to help understand how to rehabilitate WW2 soldiers that were starving. It was a 12 week experiment. Here’s a quote taken from the article:

The men’s resting metabolic rates declined by 40%, their heart volume shrank about 20%, their pulses slowed and their body temperatures dropped. They complained of feeling cold, tired and hungry; having trouble concentrating; of impaired judgment and comprehension; dizzy spells; visual disturbances; ringing in their ears; tingling and numbing of their extremities; stomach aches, body aches and headaches; trouble sleeping; hair thinning; and their skin growing dry and thin. Their sexual function and testes size were reduced and they lost all interest in sex. They had every physical indication of accelerated aging.

They neglected their appearance, became loners and their social and family relationships suffered. They lost their senses of humor, love and compassion. Instead, they became obsessed with food, thinking, talking and reading about it constantly; developed weird eating rituals; began hoarding things; consumed vast amounts of coffee and tea; and chewed gum incessantly (as many as 40 packages a day). Binge eating episodes also became a problem as some of the men were unable to continue to restrict their eating in their hunger.

Sounds oh so similar to pre and post contest. I can tell you every symptom listed. I have and am dealing with right now. It could take weeks or even months for my body to find the set point again. Just ask yourself is it worth it??? If you asked me. I’d say no. But most have to experience for themselves. Just go google “post competition rebound” and read on the many blogs of other women that have experienced the same. 5 mins on stage is not worth it.

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The Transition Period….1 week post competition

The Transition Period….1 week post competition

During contest prep I was hearing so much about post competition rebound. I was determined to not let that be me. I had a plan set up for my self, I had done so much research, and I would even look at previous competitiors and just say, that will NOT be me. 1 week post competition and it is a HUGE mind game. So much harder when it is actually you dealing with the issue yourself! You are faced with the same temptations from food that you were before. Except the difference this time you have no reason to say no because your competition is over!

Coming off of competition prep is to me way harder than being on prep. Only because everything is structured and laid out where as post competition it’s like you are free. You can’t go back to eating the amount of food you were before competing because the bodies metabolism will not be able to handle it. But at the same time your body still feels hungry as your steady on this reverse diet. It then leads to binging which sucks even more.

I set up a reverse plan that I have been working on but not 100% following. I still feel bloated and almost wondering how much of this is fat that I have put on. I refuse to get on the scale to make myself even more upset

What’s weird…at the same time I feel so much better. My energy is back up. I am not on a “I have to go to the gym” schedule. I am able to focus on other things. My body is becoming more regulated overall. So then it becomes a battle between being happy and just healthy with some extra weight on or remembering how miserable being at 11% BF or at least how miserable it was getting there. My ultimate goal right now is to find balance between being happy and healthy yet being happy with my figure. Not losing control and obsessing over food and to eventually not have to track calories and macros. But I know it has to be taken a step at a time because my metabolism is nothing what it used to be.

If you are considering competing keep all of this in mind and have a plan post competition as it will be a tough transition. 95% of competitors I’m sure deal with it. I’ve noticed some deal with it by prepping for another competition only to have the same mental struggle after the next. I’m looking for a long lasting solution. Because of this I doubt I will compete again unless I know I am stronger mentally. My body is normal again. And the prep is not miserable while eating enough calories to keep me breathing. (Refer to my previous blog post concerning how my prep was)


Chocolate protein cookies

When I can experiment with new recipes and healthy recipes at that. I am happy. It’s one thing I love to do. On contest prep that was one big thing that I really missed so its nice getting back to that. To make these cookies I used
3/4 cup almond meal/flour
2 scoops chocolate whey protein
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 tbs pb2
1/8 tsp baking powder
2 egg whites
1/8 cup honey

Mix everything together. Will be very thick and sticky like cookie dough. Spoon 6 cookies on a sprayed baking pan. I created little caves in each cookie and added peanut butter co dark chocolate dreams peanut butter to the center then added the tiny bit of cookie mix I had to the top of each cookie covering the peanut butter. Baked on 350 for about 10mins





Competition Day!

I competed in my first competition and it was quite the experience to say the least. I want to share everything including events leading up to show day and the day of the show.

So peak week arrived…so exciting! That’s when the fun part begins. All of the hard work of the last 18 weeks has been done and it was time to relax and enjoy the moment. On friday before competition day, I got my hair done in the morning then I went to my hotel where I took my last shower until competition was over. Yes, exactly. No shower until competition was over. hahaaa. On top of that you cant put lotion or deodorent on. It is because of the tan. Before you get spray tanned, you have to exfoliate in the shower then just completly dry off and not apply any moisturizer or deodorent. So you get to the room where you will be tanned and as soon as I walked in it was a group of chicks standing in front of a fan drying their tan butt naked. Talk about broken in. Lol. and everyone acts as if it is no big deal! It’s like okay whatever, youre naked, I’m naked. Yea pretty awkward at first but it is what it is.

Saturday was show day and it was just a hustle and bustle type of day most of the morning. I got my make up done first thing in the morning. Once my make up was done, I took the clips out of my hair to let my curls fall, put my suit on and it hit me. I am about to do this! Everything had come together so perfectly! I was getting excited!

Made it down to pre judging and it was just terrible. For me. They were making announcements when they wanted each class in the back to get ready to go on stage. Well I never heard them make an announcement for figure and it was getting pretty close to the time where I should have been going up. I walk back to check things out and masters figure is lining up. Talk about a complete freak out moment. I was no glued in to my suit and I had no been glazed. I did get to do my pre workout pump, last minute posing, and most important, get my mind focused. I literally threw everything together (with the help of my awesome coach and chrissy that competed bikini) and jumped on stage. Im sitting their holding back tears as hes like 112, walk to the box (on stage) in seconds I had to pull it together and throw on my happy face. This was it, I had to do it. I got off stage, went to my room and sat there like, what in the world just happened? I couldnt even remember anything. It was just…i dont even know. I had so many unexplainable emotions at the time. Took me a good 3 hours to process it all.

I was so unexcited about heading to finals. I walked down like, lets just get this over with so I can eat my burger. When I got down I saw all my friends and family and thats when I realized how much everything I had done was worth it. It meant to much to me to have that support from people that are closest to me. I ended up having a ball at finals!! No I did not place, but I took so much from this entire experience! and also ended with a rockin body too. hahaaaa

Who knows what my next crazy goal will be but I am happy that it is finalls over and I can enjoy my normal clean eating healthy life and go back to the times I worked out because I want to and not because I absolutely have to.
































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